Superbike Weekend at Laguna Seca

WOW, what an exciting weekend. Stefano and I got so many pictures it's not even funny...

I was pretty excited about going to the races this year, and really wanted to take my bike, unfortunatly the bike developed a charging problem 2 weeks before the races. This really bummed me out because last year I blew up the motor a week or two before the races and wasn't able to ride it down there then either.

I was excited about going to the races any way, so I loaded up the truck with everything I would need for the weekend on Thursday evening, and could hardly sleep at all that night. I headed down to Monterey early Friday morning and arrived at the track at roughly 10 AM. headed to the Vendor area, made some rounds, started taking pictures.

Stefano had to work on Friday and didn't make it down until after 5. Went down to Cannery row on Friday night and ate dinner at "Louie Linguini's seafood shack" the food was only ok, and the portions where REALLY small. Saturday we took so many pictures that we had to go back to the truck twice to offload them from Stefano's camera.

Saturday night we met up with Patty back at the hotel then headed down to Cannery row. We ate at "Tortilla Flats" which is a block off Cannery Row. The food was Great, the portions where large, and it wasn't that crowded. But before that we went to the "Blue Fin" and stood on the balcony next to the people who where yelling down to other people on the street, we also got some (mostly blurry) pictures from up there.

Sunday was more pictures of great racing, vedors, girls, etc. I got picture of the FA-18 Hornets as they did there flyover as well.

Then the long drive for me back to Fremont.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we got over 930 pictures

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