Instrument Airplane Passed - Write up

Edward with View Limiting Instrument Hood on stumbling aroundI earned my private pilot certificate in June 2018, then I began building hours for the required 50 hours of cross country flying required to receive an instrument rating. On Saturday, I went for my instrument rating checkride. First things first was to go through all of the paperwork to ensure that everything was in order. Next we went through the oral portion and it was pretty uneventful.

Took a flight up to Portland Area with Patrick

Mount Shasta Ever since getting my pilot's certificate in June, I wanted to go on a long cross country flight to visit my mom near Portland Oregon. My company shuts down the office in Mountain View for two weeks around Christmas and New Years. I took this as the perfect opportunity to take several days to go to Oregon. The flight should only take on average about 5 hours each way if the wind remains the same both ways. For this particular trip since the winds were from the north, I knew it would take longer to get there than to get back. So we planned accordingly.

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